I started AZZA Skateboards in summer 2016. I wanted to combine my artistic abilities and enthusiasm for athletics into one, and Azza is my way of doing that. My message to girls is to not feel like you have to be just one thing or fit into one idea of what a girl is. Being yourself and doing what makes you happy is beautiful.


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AZZA is a skateboarding and design company focused on bridging art

and athleticism.


We want this art to MOVE & LIVE with you. AZZA boards feature stylized, dreamy female figures. The relationship between them and the scratched-up surface they live on is important. To us, it's saying you can be beautiful and not afraid of taking risks or of getting hurt. You can be pretty and gritty at the same time.


Just like you, AZZA sees every fall as an opportunity to rise again, and every scratch not as a flaw but as a mark of beauty and determination.